Give your hair a break.
Get Bold
Relight your colour.
Big Body
Thicker, Fuller, Bigger.
Features: Shampoo one or Shampoo two, The Detangler and Hair repair TreatmentFeatures: Colour Protect Daily Shampoo, Colour Protect Daily Conditioner and Colour Care Reconstructive TreatmentFeatures: Extra Body Daily Shampoo, Extra Body Daily Rinse, Extra Body Daily Boost and Thicken up.
Skinny Dip
Smooth Sailing without unruly hair.
All About The Blonde
Blonde, Bold, Beautiful Bling.
Strength & Power
Repair, Rebuild.
Features: Super Skinny Daily Shampoo and Super Skinny Daily Treatment.Features: Platinum Blonde Shampoo, Forever Blonde Shampoo, Forever Blonde Dramatic RepairFeatures: Super Strong Daily Shampoo, Super Strong Treatment, Super Strong liquid Treatment
Let It Rain
Soak it up and rehydrate your locks.
Frizz control, moisture balance
Features: Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo, Instant Moisture Daily Treatment, Super Charged Moisturizer.Features: MIRRORSMOOTH Shampoo, MIRRORSMOOTH Conditioner, MIRRORSMOOTH High Gloss PrimerFeatures: teatree Scalp Care anti-thinning Shampoo, teatree Scalp Care anti-thinning conditioner, teatree Scalp Care anti-thinning Tonic